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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

"In Peace" - Sherrilene Collymore

In Peace we feel the silence that is Our Nurturer
In Peace we feel the healing that is Our Love
In Peace we carry the Way that is Our Future and ends Our Past
In Peace we hold the Will of a Loving World

As we move to Peace and embrace its Richness and Fullness
We embrace all that is possible in our Human Race
A Race composed of looking upon One Another
As Self, as Hope, as Connection to what One would Be

May Peace be Our Only Wish, in fulfillment of Eternal Love

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Sherrilene Collymore is a Facilitator in Business; the owner/operator of HQ2 - the Human Quality Headquarters. She is multilingual and well traveled to Scandinavia, Europe, Cuba, Kenya and the Caribbean region. Sherrilene loves dancing, writing, children, research and hiking.
She aspires to contribute to the refinement of education and enterprise (business) in the region and the diaspora. Sherrilene was trained in Barbados, France, Holland, Spain and Sweden in Management, International Business, research, languages and the sciences generally.
She has an interest in sustainable development and Education, Leadership and Excellence. 

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