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Thursday, September 7, 2017

"Where Beauty Rests..." - Sherrilene Collymore

Where Beauty rests, life lives, Beauty homed in the harbour of Love that gives.

Evidence of Nature's Grace, Purity has power to flush away hardship’s dregs from Beauty's face.

Witness it bursting, from children delightfully untamed, Purity unplanned, unchecked, unnamed.

In the wayward thought of the social renegade, daring to breach the expectancy of the game played.

Advancing into the unknown, the All channeling, inspired in hope, love and awe; with solutions returning.

Where Beauty is homed and nurtured is Pure. Accept the Love gifted of Grace, it’s the Cure.

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Sherrilene Collymore is a Facilitator in Business; the owner/operator of HQ2 - the Human Quality Headquarters. She is multilingual and well traveled to Scandinavia, Europe, Cuba, Kenya and the Caribbean region. Sherrilene loves dancing, writing, children, research and hiking.
She aspires to contribute to the refinement of education and enterprise (business) in the region and the diaspora. Sherrilene was trained in Barbados, France, Holland, Spain and Sweden in Management, International Business, research, languages and the sciences generally.
She has an interest in sustainable development and Education, Leadership and Excellence.

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